How do you consider Neuroni’s position since the launch of the project? Do you consider it a success or are you disappointed?

We are more than happy with everything that has happened in this first month after launch, we have absolutely no reason to be disappointed as we have reached a peak price close to 3000 times the launch price. We have quickly exceeded our expectations and attracted the attention of big crypto players, we can look forward to the future and continue to build what we have started

What ethical considerations must be taken into account when utilizing NLP and AI technologies, and how does Neuroni AI mitigate these concerns? How can society ensure the responsible use of such technologies?

This is an excellent question, but the answer may be too long if you want me to explain it well, i will try to make it short tho we have two points of entry here, one is the user that asks an ethical question and the second one is the AI that sends this question to ethical checker which is a special algo that checks if the question is indeed ethical (example, porography, violence, self harm, hate, religion)

then, to answer your question with even more details its important to train AI to be ethical, so the answers are going through algo filters too and this case is very sensitive because AI scientists have to work closely with philosophers becasue we have many different cultures and subcultures, in some cultures talking about death is normal, in some its considered bad

so in a nutshell you have a BRAIN that is the AI and its really hard to regulate it once its trained and works, so in order to regulate anything we use algos as filters, they work like a safe bridge connector to avoid any unethical answers. We also test those algorythmi filters very often to make sure they are up to date

How can the Metaverse under development be considered an added value for Neuroni?

Our metaverse will be our showcase, which will not only allow people to use Neuroni to its full potential but also a huge playground for our developers to test future use cases. It will also serve as a testing platform for the integration of Neuroni AI to other future projects such as other metaverse or enterprise integration, finally, the users of our metaverse will not only discover how useful our token can be but also put it into practice

What do you see as the future of natural language processing and AI, and how do you envision Neuroni AI evolving to meet the needs of businesses and individuals in the coming years?

The use-cases are limitless, thats why you should look at neuroni as something like a platform, as an example I can give you one business model that will be very interesting for us, you know gaming, right, in games we have characters that are not playing but you can still interact with them via chat

those characters are called NPC β€” non playing characters, so we in neuroni can provide game designers and game companies, metaverses and any projects with AI-NPC which will basically be a non playing character that will be able to answer more dificult questions and even interact more with the player, giving them hints in more sophisticated way, like a super guide or a helpbot, additionaly it can gather data from players that interact with it and make sure that game developers know what people want to see, something like a feedback

About the future of AI β€” remember that Articicial Intelligence is an idea that has over 70 years and AI has been with us for last 30 years, we have AI cars, we have AI houses, some people are working on AI airplanes and i dont have to mention that AI automated factories are really popular among german manufacturers

Do you plan to list the Neuroni token on a CEX soon? If not, why?

We do have this in our plans, however, we are not interested in any offers from Tier 3 CEXs to date. We know the potential of our token and its future use cases, and we are in the process of developing our utilities in order to strengthen our bargaining power with Tier 1 CEXs, which is where we belong.

What inspired you to create Neuroni AI, and what were some of the biggest challenges you faced in developing the system?

The biggest challenge was to coordinate the work on the ethical checker and work with scientists from different field, like as mentioned before philosophers, we had to learn a lot of history, a lot of different cultures and create something for everyone, then it was really challenging to put all of this soft data into mathematically organized algorythms

Why did you choose ETHEREUM when the gas costs are very high, do you think that this blockchain is adapted to Neuroni and its use?

On the one hand, we consider that investors in ETHEREUM are more likely to appreciate the quality of the projects for their substance rather than for their ability to pump and dump, history has shown that we made the right choice. On the other hand, concerning the gas costs, we have several solutions under the hood but which will be announced at the appropriate time.

How does the context in which language is used affect the accuracy of NLP systems, and what strategies do these systems use to analyze and interpret this context?

so its a good one, i will try to explain it, some words have different meaning, and you need a wider context to understand and this is what we call an input β€” which is every question that you ask in AI platform

it has a big impact on the output, on answer given by the AI

NLP systems use a many different methods to analyze and interpret context. For example: understanding of natural language, context analysis, and semantic analysis

i will explain in more details so those are the methods Natural language understanding *NLU means to recognize the structure and meaning of a sentence semantic analysis *SA is understanding the meaning of words and phrases in the context of a sentence Contextual analysis *CA is understanding the meaning of words and phrases in the context of a bigger document or longer conversation as an example

How much do you estimate the price of Neuroni token in 6 months?

This is a question we are often asked, and my answer is always the same, we do development, not speculation. Our token was created to support our AI in its use, and this is what gives it its value. When concrete use cases start to multiply, it is obvious that the demand will have a significant impact on its value

I understand you’re trying to make Neuroni AI as universal and unbiased as possible, although zero amount of bias can not be mathematically and physically possible.

In order for the minority to have their views factored in in Neuroni AI, in areas of religion, sports, food or politics, do you plan on putting like an artificial weighting for the user to modify it to their preferences in app and web versions of Neuroni AI?

As i have said before we have worked with many non IT profesionals and specialists, like those philosophers that ive mentoned AI and NLP can be exposed to bias because of to the data they are trained on. To mitigate this, we can use data filtering, and data balancing Data balancing is making sure the data set is balanced in terms of gender, race, and other factors like that

and Data filtering is just removing data points that are potentially biased.

we have to manually check it but we have algorythms that catch those outputs most of the time, thats why its highly unlikely for neuroni to breach those standards we designed

Do you plan to improve the website to make it more professional?

Not only do we plan to improve it, but it is something that is already underway. The priority at the time of the launch of the token was to give the necessary information to potential investors, the current site has perfectly fulfilled its mission and continues to do so but as we move to a higher level of development, it is necessary to improve this aspect and this is what we are doing

Do you believe that we are on the brink or AI being used in daily life? Or do you think like the .com boom it will take a good few years to filter through and be widely excepted.

I think dotcom bubble has showed us a lot and i believe people are smart enough not to make the same mistake twice, correct me if im wrong but nowadays investors are smarter than those from the beginning of 2000s

apart from that in 2000s people had no idea how to use computers or what internet is, today we see what AI can do and im sure everyone has one thing that they do every day on PC that would love to automate, can be your daily task on your computer that you do, im sure you have something to automate, think about it

and now imagine that the AI can automate it and make your life easier

AI is a very old idea, but we never had enough compter power to make it accesible for everyone, now for like 12 years we have it and thats why you can use AI pretty anywhere you want to do anything you want, so i dont think its not another buzz word, obviously i know many people and many businesses will want to hype their marketing by putting β€˜we use AI’ label on them, but that happens with pretty every fairly new technology

How many team members are there?

There are 2 founding members and about 20 people working on Neuroni at the moment, this number varies according to the needs in real time, but we have 12 permanent collaborators who each have their defined task. this figure will increase considerably in the coming months in view of the development plans we have

From Neuroni Chat’s response β€œOur token, the Neuroni Crypto Token, is used to power the platform and incentivize developers.”

Yes we have a few ideas, but those things will happen once our platform is ready we cannot discuss it yet πŸ™‚ competition never sleeps

How could the mobile application influence the adoption of Neuroni?

Since the beginning, our goal is to distribute Neuroni on as many platforms as possible in order to make it accessible to as many people as possible, not everyone has Telegram or Discord, but almost everyone has a smartphone, the mobile application will allow us to add an extra layer of protection to the user data because we will no longer be obliged to use third-party APIs to make Neuroni accessible. Being a decentralized project, data protection is one of the things we care about the most. Also, the mobile application will not be a BOT like on Telegram or Discord, it will be a Chat with a real memory, able to take into account the previous question and answer to build the best interaction with his interlocutor

As advertising revenues will support NEURONI price kinda indirectly, will you openly disclose those figures in a defined period like annually to ensure holders about trust feeling on token price?

Yes of course! you will see every transaction that incomes and outcomes, then we plan on making buybacks with that income, but we will not say when we do those buybacks to avoid speculation, but you will see everything in there as blockchain records are public

What are the development plans regarding marketing? More specifically, how does Neuroni hope to continue to spread once the AI hype has died down

I don’t agree with this reasoning, we consider that REAL AIs like Neuroni are at the dawn of mass adoption, people are not only just starting to discover the potential of AIs but also to use and apply in real life situations the new utilities we thought of several months before, AIs are here to stay just like the internet. Regarding the marketing part, we are constantly active and have never stopped expanding our strategy since our launch, this is an integral part of our project.

As you guys draw information from different databases to establish unbiased system, how frequently will you check those databases’ manually or with an automated system for keeping successful operation rate?

Its manually and automatic in the same time as said before we have special filters and algorythms that try to catch every problematic question or answer and then it goes to the pool, then we analyze this data and make corrections, thats why neuroni always learns, i said manual an automatic because we trust those algorythms but in the same way we want to check things by hand to make sure we reach certain level of perfection, but in the near future we believe it will be fully automatic

What are the Plans in increasing our liquidity for neuroni to ensure less Volatility and stability to prevent bad actors taking advantage of our Fund?

There are 3 plans ongoing, right now we are finishing the rest of the platforms Neuroni will be on then we will start putting the income from neuroni services into the liquidity so it will stabilize the liquidity pool

Will there be any advantages for holders and early adopters of the project (first discord users, buyer&holder, …)?

Yes and you will see it very soon πŸ™‚

What are the possibilities and prospects for the development of artificial intelligence Neuroni inputed into the meta universe? Are there any fundamental limitations on its functionality (red lines). Is there a possibility of two or more Neuroni AI bots competing within the same environment?

I like this question but i think ive answered it before so yes as mentioned NPCs will serve as guides in the metaverse, and as we know many games and metaverses will be built so our sales team will make sure we get into this sector as well

about limitations, i dont see many, and AI to AI conversations is something we have already tested and they looks really good, sometimes too funny sometimes too difficult to understand when AI talks to itself about the human life like ethics, or lifestyle, its funny and its very motivating to see it

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